Hi, I am Anthony and you are welcome to my personal page.  I am a savvy professional developer since 2009 and currently working as a freelancer/consultant. My main expertise are backend web development, mobile application development with good exposure to desktop application and browser plugin development. I can also communicate effectively in English and Spanish.

I have been using the following technologies for many years: HTML, CSS/CSS3, HTML/HTML5, Javascript, jQuery, jQuery UI, AngularJS, PHP, Python, Java, Node.JS, MongoDB, Node.JS, Vue, ReactJS, Golang, C#, ASPX, Android & IOS Studios, WordPress, Drupal, Laravel, Codigniter, Magento e.t.c


My Services

Website Development

I have been working professionally in the website development arena since 2008 with experience across the real estate, health, finance, education, transport and media domains.

Mobile Development

I have been developing mobile applications since 2014 with experience in socket-chats, streaming applications like netflix, integration of payment gateways and 3rd party API and other services.

Desktop Development

I have worked with good desktop application developers as a team. And I have quite a lot of remarkable experience with building desktop applications especially in windows environment.

Browser Development

I am skilled in developing browser plugins especially chrome browser plugins. I am currently looking for people interested in building browser plugins in other to increase my portfolio in this area.